CalPERS Health Plan Open Enrollment 9-9-19 Through 10-4-19

The 2019 open enrollment period for CalPERS retirees who are enrolled in CalPERS health plans (supplement to Medicare PPO plans and Medicare Advantage HMO plans) starts on September 9, 2019 and runs through October 4, 2019). If you plan to continue with your current coverage in 2020, no action is required on your part.

If you are considering changing your CalPERS health coverage for 2020, the following information may be helpful:

2019 Health Benefits Summary - HBD-110
The 2019 Health Benefit Summary provides valuable information to help you make an informed choice about your health plan and health care providers. This publication compares covered services, co-payments, and benefits for each CalPERS health plan. It also provides information about plan availability by county and a chart summarizing important differences among health plan types.
Health Program Guide - HBD-120
The Health Program Guide describes CalPERS Basic health plan eligibility, enrollment, and choices. It provides an overview of CalPERS health plan types and tells you how and when you can make changes to your plan (including what forms and documentation you will need). It also describes how life changes or changes in your employ­ment status can affect your benefits and eligibility.
Medicare Enrollment Guide (MEG) - HBD-65
The CalPERS Medicare Enrollment Guide provides information about how Medicare works with your CalPERS health benefits.
The retiree CalPERS health plan rates for 2020 can be found at The rate tables need to be read carefully. Note that some plans are available only in limited areas. Rates depend on whether or not you have dependents on your plan and on the Medicare status of your dependents. Note also that the rates shown are before the CSU monthly contribution is deducted. In 2019 the CSU monthly contribution was $734 for one person, $1,398 for the retiree and one dependent, and $1,788 for the retiree and two or more dependents. These amounts may be slightly higher in 2020.
UPDATE 9/11/19: The CSU monthly contribution to health insurance premiums for 2020 has been announced: Retiree only $767, retiree + one dependent $1,461, retiree + two or more dependents $1,868.