Chancellor White To Retire In 2020

CSU Chancellor Timothy P. White announced his plans to retire in 2020 in the following letter to the Chancellor's Office staff:

Dear Chancellor’s Office Colleagues,

After much thought and reflection, I have decided that I will retire from my role as Chancellor next year.

Although I love the university and this work, it is because we are strong, stable, focused and well regarded across the state and nation that I have decided that now is the right time for a transition to CSU’s next Chancellor. After I leave this position in 2020, I plan to stay connected to the university and continue to offer whatever insight is sought from me. I also plan to stay connected to the people who make the CSU such an incredible place of opportunity for so many Californians. 

Before my focus turns to working with the Board of Trustees on the recruitment of the next Chancellor and moving forward on several of our important initiatives, I wish to pause and thank you for your support and partnership. 

When I began in 2012, I traveled to the 23 campuses and found that each one was a unique jewel of the CSU. In reflecting on my tenure as Chancellor, I have the same feeling about this office being its own jewel of the CSU.

I frequently speak of the CSU as a “federation” of campuses that makes up one university. In truth, it is this office – and each of you – that makes the CSU one university.

Every day, you work to maximize opportunities and improve quality for students, support our faculty and staff, steward our finances and human capital, build up our vital infrastructure, plan for the future, and tell the CSU story to the public and to decision makers. You help keep us out of trouble (or defend us when we do make a mistake), and you help identify soft spots that need attention. Your work – indeed, our work together – is guided by what is best for all CSU students, faculty, staff and leadership, adapted to the unique ecosystem of each of our campuses.   

I am optimistic for the future of the CSU, and I trust you are, too. We are doing exciting and meaningful work. I know it is the desire of the Board of Trustees to continue the university’s current trajectory as they initiate the process to recruit the next Chancellor.

Thank you, again, for your dedication, support and partnership. We will have many opportunities to talk in the months ahead and I look forward to continuing our work together.

With warm regards,