The CSU-ERFA Charitable Foundation

CSU-ERFSA (Formerly CSU-ERFA) was established as a not-for-profit California public benefit corporation. Our constitution states that one of the purposes of the Association is to "To serve as an advocate for the interests of retired academic and non- academic employees of the CSU in all matters relating to their general welfare in the CSU." As part of this advocacy, from time-to-time we make endorsements for candidates seeking election to the CalPERS Board and on statewide ballot measures that would affect retirees from the CSU System. Because of this, the Association comes under a different U.S. Internal Revenue Code section than the 501(c)(3) category that covers charitable foundation. This precludes people from making donations to the Association that are tax deductible.

To allow members and the general public to make tax-deductible donations in support of our small-grants program, the CSU-ERFA Charitable Foundation was established to raise money for grants that support the scholarly, research, and artistic activities of CSU System retirees who are members of CSU-ERFSA. The CSU-ERFA Charitable Foundation is a separate organization with its own officers and executive board. Because of its 501(c)(3) status, donations to the Foundation are tax-deductible in most cases.

During each CSU-ERFSA small grants cycle, the Foundation informs the CSU-ERFSA Grant Awards Committee of the approximate amount of funds it expects to have available for that cycle. The Grant Awards Committee evaluates the proposals received; and, makes recommendations for grant awards to the CSU-ERFA Charitable Foundation. Grants are then made from Foundation funds to the awardees.

CSU-ERFSA makes a contribution to the Foundation yearly in memory of each CSU-ERFSA member who has passed away during the previous 12 months.  In addition individual members and friends also may make contributions to the the CSU-ERFA Foundation to support the Grant Awards Program.  Contributions can be made either by check or, in the case of members, by a monthly deduction from their CalPERS annuity payment.  (Contributions made by individual members and friends to the Foundation are tax deductible.)

A CSU-ERFA Charitable Foundation Donation Form for check or monthly deductions can be downloaded here.

We also accept donations via Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal (Click the "donate" button to go to our PayPal donation page.)


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